Upload Book Cover Image

When no book cover image is found for a title added to the library, there is an option to upload an image of the book cover. Take a photo of the cover of the book your want to import into the library. 

Take a picture of the book cover or download a book cover image to save the file to your computer. Select the camera image and you will see Add Cover Image as shown below. 

Upload your custom title image for books or other items in your library. Click Choose File to find the file saved on your computer. Then select Upload. You will see a status when the file is uploaded successfully along with a preview of the image. Choose Save Changes if the image is correct. 

Once a custom image has been imported, you always have the option to Edit Cover Image if needed for future changes. 

At this time the ability to change an image provide by Booksource is not an option. 

If you need further assistance our experts are available by email (classroom@booksource.com).