Upon purchase, eBooks will be loaded into your Booksource Classroom Organizer account. You and your students can then check out books in Classroom Organizer. Booksource eBooks can only be stored, opened and read through a Booksource Classroom Organizer account. 

  • Log in to your Classroom Organizer account.
  • Click on the Teacher and enter your password. This password should not be shared with any students since it allows access to the classroom management tools such as student passwords, editing of students, addition and deletion of titles, etc.
  • From the Teacher Dashboard, choose Library from the left nav then select eBook Management. This section of the library houses all of the eBook titles that have been added into your Classroom Organizer library.
  • Chose Checkout in the Action column next to the eBook you wish to open and read. 
  • The eBook will open in a second web browser window and can be viewed on the white board. 

When reading an eBook, you will notice a tool bar at the top of the eReader. This will provide for a fun and interactive experience for you and your students. See the description of the tools available below. 

If you need further assistance our experts are available by phone (800-444-0435) or email (classroomorg@booksource.com).