Rating & Reviews

Student have the ability to provide a rating and review a book upon returning a book to the library. This is a preference, as the teacher, you can turn on or off depending on your classroom. This preference is on by default in your classroom library. If you want to change this preference, go to Your Account/Preferences and un-select the checked boxes to Prompt Students for Rating & Review at Return.

 A student has the ability to enter a review two ways, upon returning books and when browsing the library at check out. 

When browsing the library to check out a book, a student can click on the star ratings of a title as shown below. The student will be presented with an option to Leave a Review and see other student reviews on the title. 


Review a Book at Return: 

When a student signs into the account and selects Return Books, the student will see the list of books currently checked out. 

The student will select the book to return and then be prompted to leave a review of the book and provide a star rating of the book. If you are tracking condition of your books, this will be available to select as well. 

Once the review has been submitted, the review can be approved by going to the Teacher Dashboard and selecting Review Now in Reviews to Approve section. 

Once the review is approved, the review will be available for other students in the class to see when checking out a book from the library by selecting the stars under the book cover image as shown below. 

Star Ratings are displayed as the average star rating based on the closest number of stars to the average.  For example, An average rating of 3.5 shows 4. An average rating of 3.4 shows 3.