Overdue Books

At a glance, you will always know how many books are overdue in your library. The number of overdue books in your library is shown on the teacher dashboard. As the teacher, you are able to select Return Books to view the books that are overdue.  Search is available on this page to find titles or student names quickly. You have the ability to return select books or all books by placing a check in the box next to the individual title or select all by choosing the box at the top of the listing. When all books have been selected for return, choose Return Selected Book.

At this time there is not an option to renew books for students. If the student(s) is not finished with the book when it becomes overdue, the book will have to be returned and rechecked out to that student(s). 

With the addition of Overdue Books the dashboard, there will no longer be an overdue book notice sent via email.