Import & Export with Excel

Booksource Classroom makes it easy to import your classroom library from excel so that you don't have to manually enter the information for all your books on our site. Please note, the Import From Excel feature only works with the formats used in the template provided on the site. When using another source to copy and paste information from, please make sure to remove all formatting such as borders, fonts, and fills so that your information can upload without frustration and error. 


To get started simply download and save our template to your computer. You can find the template by selecting From Excel under Import-Export on the Library page. Select download and the template will then be available in an excel file at the bottom of the computer screen. Save the file to your computer and then copy and paste your title information into the template or manually type into the columns provided. Once you have added all of your information, save and close the document.

Once file has been saved and closed, select Choose File to locate the file saved  and select Import. Only select import once to prevent the document from duplicating your entries. A confirmation will appear when the library has been successfully imported.  The titles will then be listed in your library. 

Please note: import from excel is now supported on Chromebooks. 


To export your library to excel, select To Excel on the Grow & Manage page. Your library will be exported to excel and will be located at the bottom of your computer to open and save. 

If you need further assistance our experts are available by email (